commoney commoney

Let’s make more convenient, cashless society!

Just making digital money is boring.

commoney is going to start innovating cash.

What is commoney?MERIT

Simply issue a digital ticket for any product or service and then pay the amount used.
You can cover your girlfriend’s lunch while at home, buy books for your grandchild long-distance, and, obviously, use it for yourself.
This is a brand-new platform for transactions, essential for a cashless society.Patent Certificate No. 5925375 ELECTRONIC TICKET MANAGEMENT APPARATUS AND ELECTRONIC TICKET MANAGEMENT METHOD

commoney is the only digital ticket that breaks change.

Shopping with ticket for exactly a certain amount of money is unexpectedly stressful. But you do not need to worry about it and can instead buy whatever you want using commoney.
Only transact the amount used. We were able to build this system which allows users to do what until now they couldn’t.

It’s OK even if you are not sure about the amount needed.

Rough estimates are acceptable.
Just issue the ticket with an approximate calculation.
Tickets are useful when asking for errands, covering meals and buying gifts.

All you need is your smartphone!

This system enables anyone such as elderly people who might not feel safe carrying their wallets or children who do not have credit cards to shop with their smartphone. Ticket users do not even need to download the commoney app. They can receive these tickets via social network services and simply show the Q-code when shopping.

There are many advantages for participating stores.

The cashless society is getting larger and larger by the day.
Use a tablet to check out. You don’t need to bother your customer with waiting, nor have any more trouble checking them out.

How does commoney work?CASE

  • For any father whose daughter isn’t home yet
  • For any manager whose employees are working late
  • For busy seniors to their juniors
  • For companies with staff on business trips

Making payments to others is safe, smart, easy, and convenient!

Feel safe knowing you can pay.


Because payment with commoney takes so little time, you don’t have to inconvenience the cars behind you.

How much do you need?
Don’t worry about it.

The Japanese culture of covering meals for others

Send a ticket for the closest convenience store to your staff.
“What if there’s money leftover?” No need to worry about it.

Easy to ask, simple to pay.


No need to split the check or keep track of change.

No more reimbursement of expenses!?

Reimbursement of expenses

Companies need to reimburse the business expenses of their staff afterwards.
If so, it should be even easier for companies to pay from the beginning!
No receipts or reimbursement records necessary for transportation expenses, parking expenses, or meeting expenses!
No need to waste the important time of a salesperson.
Checking the amount is easy for any accountant.

It’s easy with commoneyPOSSIBLE

The era of digital legal tender is coming. The time of interpersonal transactions with easy system and low commission fees is now. Do you worry whether you’ll have to make paybacks or follow-up payments because you don’t know the exact amount of expenses?
Then, it’s time to use commoney! Never worry about follow-up payments or paybacks again.

What if the amount is not enough? What if the amount is too much?

Interpersonal transactions

The idea of commoney is not to remit the money, but rather to make the payment for them. commoney is such a convenient service.

A new way to pay for someone else.

The pleasure to be able to pay for someone else.

The joy of having someone else pay for you.

So, let’s start the cashless revolution!